We run a variety of classes and workshops throughout the entire year aimed at students with varied levels of experience. Whether you’re entirely new to latin dancing or you’re an advanced dancer – we’ve got something for you!

Check out the calendar below to see what we’ve got coming up soon! Detailed descriptions of all classes and workshops can be found below.


Salsa is a very dynamic and fast-paced dance style that is practiced both solo and with a partner. In our salsa classes you’ll learn partner work, styling, shines, footwork – and more!

Salsa Beginner

First time salsa dancer? Our beginner class is for you! You’ll get to learn all the basics of salsa dancing thanks to some time working on technique individually at the start and using the rest of the class to practice what you’ve learnt and work on connection while partnered with your classmates!

Salsa Intermediate

If you’ve got the basics of salsa down and you want to start to learn how to add some more flair to your dancing, our salsa intermediate 1 class is for you. You’ll have the chance to learn how to lead/follow more elaborate moves to impress your friends at socials 😉 **In order to take this class you are expected to know basic steps, cross-body lead, and basic turns**

Salsa Intermediate 2

Our salsa intermediate 2 is aimed at our more experienced students to push them to fine-tune their technique and learn more complicated, fast-paced moves.


Originating in the Dominican Republic, bachata is a close-contact partner dance. Now, with the creation of Bachata Sensual, different styles of bachata are taking flight all over the world.

Bachata Beginner

Bachata beginner class is perfect for anyone who has no experience in the style, or who needs a refresher into the basics. You’ll learn the steps, basic turns and foundational body movement to set up more advanced body rolls and techniques.

Bachata Intermediate 1

Join bachata intermediate after at least one term in the beginners class. Classes will be more fast-paced and the patterns more dynamic.

Bachata Intermediate 2

Bachata Intermediate 2 is our highest level bachata. Experienced dancers who have taken both bachata beginner and bachata intermediate 1 (or equivalent) are invited to join us in this quick and intensive dance class!


Kizomba is a partner dance from Angola that is known for its close connection and grounded flow. Kizomba is an hour of deep connection and joyful music. We offer two classes in Kizomba, and welcome anyone with a love of movement!

Kizomba Fundamentals

In this class you will get familiar with Kizomba as a dance style and form a strong foundation to kickstart your Kizomba journey! You will gain technical understanding of both lead and follow roles, with an emphasis on genuine human connection.

Improvers Kizomba

This class is aimed at our more experienced kizomba students. Students must have taken Kizomba Fundamentals to enroll in this class OR request an assessment from the instructor.


Our Tango classes are focused specifically on Argentine tango and its different variations. Tango involves a close and mindful contact with your dance partner, as there are no “basic steps”!  Our tango community has been thriving the past year, and we are excited to offer two levels of the style this year!

Tango Beginner

Our tango beginner classes aim at building a strong foundation for both leading and following. You will learn how to communicate clearly with your partner during dance and how to lead some of the foundational patterns in tango.

Tango Intermediate

Tango intermediate is aimed at students who have already taken a beginners class previously. While we’ll always return to the basics, the intermediate classes aim at expanding your tango-toolkit and enhancing your technique.

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